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Need help with dog training? Get in touch with Canine Connections today to learn how to train your furry friend properly. We host a variety of dog training seminars in Lufkin, TX and throughout Texas. Our team will help you and your dog work together to learn new skills. We currently offer obedience, kid K9 safety, shelter staff education, and trick seminars.

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Details about our dog training seminars

Details about our dog training seminars

Canine Connections offers several dog training seminars in Lufkin, TX and surrounding areas: Obedience, Kid K9 Safety, Shelter Staff Education, Tricks 101 and many more. Each course is designed and tailored to help educate and further the experience level of attendees.

Tricks 101

This course uses clicker training to help your furry friend learn new tricks. We can help you teach your dog almost any trick, such as:

  • Roll over
  • Shake
  • Piggyback
  • Fetch drinks for owner
  • Spin
  • Play dead
  • Stick em up
  • and more
It's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Contact us today to learn more about this dog training course.


Obedience training with a new puppy can be stressful. Simplify the training process by signing up for one of our obedience courses. We'll:
  • Answer any of your dog training questions and help you overcome any dog issue
  • Teach you and your dog basic obedience principles
  • Help you improve your relationship with your dog
  • Discuss and assess any problem areas you may have with your dog
For more details about our Obedience class or any of our other dog training seminars, contact Canine Connections today located in Lufkin,TX.

Kid K9 Safety

Dog safety is extremely important. You can count on us to teach your children how to interact with dogs safely. If you are a school administrator looking for a fun educational event for your kids then this program is your answer. We use fun shows to teach kids ages K-12 about the importance of dog safety. Kid K9 Safety covers a range of topics including:
  • Understanding dog body language
  • Handling unfamiliar dogs
  • Personal Q&A with a professional dog trainer
  • Fun dog tricks, demonstrations, and prizes
Contact us today to learn more about our Kid K9 Safety program.

Shelter Staff Education

Owning and operations a successful shelter or animal rescue can be stressful. It helps to have a well-educated and experienced staff. That’s where we come in. This program is designed to help educate your kennel/general staff in a variety of topics including:
  • Types of handling equipment
  • Defensive handling and bite prevention
  • Temperament testing
Wanting to take your staff to the next level? This program will help improve your staff’s knowledge and handling skills. Which will in turn help your dogs get more consistency and better communication.