dog trainer Nacogdoches, TX



Austin was raised in Deep East Texas in a city known as Lufkin. To this day he still calls it home. Austin graduated from High School in 2013. After much thought, he decided to follow his passion for dog training. In 2014, he attended the world-renowned Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers. After graduating from the academy Austin began working for the training department for Starmark. While he loved the time he spent in the central Texas area he eventually came home to Lufkin, Texas. Austin has 2 dogs of his own: Max, a Beauceron mix, and Shar, a Pitbull/Doberman mix. Austin has continued his own education through attending other seminars, personal research, mentors, and keeping an attitude that each new dog he interfaces with can be a learning opportunity for both him and the dog. Austin believes that through education and entertainment he can help owners better understand and improve the relationship between them and their dogs.